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Find the best quality at the best price in haberdashery products. Velcro, bieses, trimmings, zipper rolls, embroidered strips, buttons ...

  • Needles

    Needles to sew. FNeedles to sew. Flat needles for sewing machine. Different needles for sewing machine. Different measures.

  • Sequin applications
    Sequin applications

    Sequin applicationsSequin applications to decorate your garments. Several models to choose. to decorate your garments. Several models to choose from

  • Cotton Beta
    Cotton Beta

    Rolls of beta 100 cotton tape. Available in various sizes and colors. Good quality of tinting.

  • Bias Tape
    Bias Tape

    Bies ribbon in cotton and satin. Sizes in 18 and 30mm. Various colors.

  • Buttons

    Metal buttons, crystal buttons, genuine natural mother-of-pearl buttons.

  • Brooches

    Metal brooches in different materials and sizes.

  • Ribbons

    Tang tape, jute tape, metal grid, double-sided satin ribbon, cotton tape, polyester tape.

  • Mouse tail
    Mouse tail

    Mouse tail for all types of crafts in costume jewelery such as: bracelets, pendants, ornaments ...

    Wide variety of colors.

  • Curtain Tape
    Curtain Tape

    Great variety at the best price of curtain ribbons with eyelets, barrel and honeycomb. Best quality at the best price.

  • Cotton Cord
    Cotton Cord

    Cord 100% cotton in various thicknesses. Available in various colors in rolls of 100 meters. Discounts for quantity.

  • Zippers

    Continuous zipper rolls in 5 mesh and mesh 3. Zip fasteners, invisible zippers, zipper with and without separator, fancy zipper.

  • Elastic Cord
    Elastic Cord
  • Guipure Collars
    Guipure Collars

    Beautiful collars in guipure in gold / black, black and white. 10 units per pack.

  • Live cord
    Live cord

    100% cotton natural live lace to be wrapped in bias or fabrics of your choice.

  •  Baby collars
    Baby collars
  •  Elastic Rubber for Clothing
    Elastic Rubber for...

    Elastic braid, rubber band, rubber footwear, rubber belts, rubber band with licks.

  •  Polyester Threads
    Polyester Threads
  •  Metallic buckles
    Metallic buckles
  • Flowers

    Beautiful cloth flowers, ideal for events. Different types and sizes.

  •  Furniture
  •  Rayón trimmings
    Rayón trimmings
  • Onduline Ric Rac
    Onduline Ric Rac

    Ric Rac ondulina rolls available in various colors.

  • Trimmings
  • Thermo-adhesive stickers
    Thermo-adhesive stickers
  • Lace Edging
    Lace Edging
  • Tapestry of Cañamazo
    Tapestry of Cañamazo

    Our embroidery tapestries of German origin offer a wide variety of models in 100% canvas. It does not deform and allows the passage of the needle very easily.

  • Scissors
  • Loop Hook tape
    Loop Hook tape
  • Various

    Compteur de couture, ciseaux, cadres, boutons pression, point de croix.

  • Rule Kits
    Rule Kits

    Rule kits for pattern making and confection in different materials: Flexible plastic, white methacrylate, black methacrylate ...

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